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ArbourPro MLB Package

  • The MLB DFS Package Includes: 

    • Keep up in your DFS Tournaments getting information from CJ Kaltenbach (TheSeige), Kyle Murray, & ProbablyMyLogin

    • Access to Projection Models for both FD/DK: This model takes into account everything you need to consider for your tournaments and works with FantasyCruncher

    • Daily Tournament Rankings: You will get our Tournament Rankings for both FD/DK each and every weekday!

    • Premium Chat and Live Video Shows – This is one of my favorite parts of the product, I’m going to have a premium chat to answer questions for subscribers to go along with my live video shows. These shows will not only discuss the plays of the day but also go into in-depth tournament strategy.

    • Articles – These won’t be an everyday occurrence but the goal is to have these be different than your standard picks articles

    • Video/Article Archive – If you miss a show or article, they will be kept in the archives for you to watch/read as long as you are a subscriber.

  • Season Long Articles, Waiver Wire Analysis, & More.

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